• Nordam Corpo Portrait Julie daragon

Julie Daragon


Julie Daragon worked for the Foresbec organization for many years, thus giving her the opportunity to become highly familiar with the wood industry. She held positions in reception before moving up to Sales Assistant and Executive Assistant to the president. She is very knowledgeable concerning the lingo and the realities facing the wood industry.

Thus, in 2012, it was natural for Julie to officially join the company her husband co-founded in 2010. It must be noted that prior to becoming co-owner of Nordam Forest Products, Julie Daragon was in charge of various aspects of the company and held an advisory role in the decision-making process. She made her entry into the business as a woman with an exceptional knowledge of the industry and the company.

Today, the couple leads a thriving business that is not only highly successful, but also maintains an excellent reputation.

Julie Daragon | Nordam